Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Heat is On

One more week before the Nationals 800m. I've been trying my best to prevent myself from falling sick, although many friends around me have became sick. Every where around me is infested with lots of germs.. germs.. GERMS!!

I've found some really lame one-liners:

Yep. Hey the other day the chinese oral, tat Aileen was shaking her legs lor. Shaking shaking.. Walao! Damn earthquake, damn distracting, damn wrong! I shan't think abt it.. *Shaking shaking..* Got to learn quite abit about the other really quiet classmates, thought it'd be nice if they were to interact more with the class freely.

Forgot to type in the pulau ubin partial class outing the other day. Woah, tat zihan lar, act man, then in the end like bapok like tat. Tell me dun needa bring sunblock, in the end complain say his skin pain, here pain, there pain, backside oso pain. But the trip was nice lar. We even tried to go into some dirt path, then zihan say he v scared, still v young, wanna live longer a bit. Walao.. Be more man lar! Anyway, since his chicken heart cannot take it anymore, then we retreat lar, drink some coconut. Hah! Weishen too long nv exercise, too unfit already. Ok, i think the nxt time the best is to class outing there. The chalet damn nice. Then tat outward bound, walao.. scold me. Walao.. me and tommy lost communication then in the end i was there letting tat guy scold me lor. Anyway, my bike was a good one lar, so no prob. But i think zihan has some prob down there after that..

The ah kuas were the highlight of the day. Weishen was pointing out to me how his class professionally handled a ah kua tat day and then tommy suggested to book one akua for that day. Ok lar, cheap and disease free.

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Saturday, June 24, 2006

My holiday is gone...

Time simply flies and I have come to the last week of my holidays. Tomorrow marks the beginning of my first term exams and I also thought that it would be a great time to test how much I've actually know.

During the whole of the last week of the holiday, I was down at MD7 at the department of Biochemistry researching on sth abt purifying CD38, an enzyme involved in immunology. Anyway, it was fun as in it was very new, but things start to get really really bored when I had to keep repeating the experiments without even knowing what went wrong! Well.. Maybe this is science research.. I was the only guy there, with three other RJ girls. Hmmm.. There was this girl who seemed to be lacking in manners.. Burping loudly on numerous occasion in front of everyone, sitting with her legs wide open, yawning without even attempting to cover her mouth, bitting her fingers during research work (eek!), cleaning her teeth after meal, scratching her butt blatantly, carrying an offensive bo, very bushy and untidy hair, and on top of that, a freaking weird personality!! Haix.. Her self esteem must be supremely low.

Training was getting very very tough for me. Very very tiring i think, and also becoming dull. But i still managed to pull it through.

One day I was talking to an ex-classmate abt our sch. She happily described what happened in her school. Similarly, the question was posed back to me, " How's ur school? Any interesting things happening in ur sch? " I paused and thought for quite a while.

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Friday, June 02, 2006


To love is to be vulnerable. To attempt anything - music, love, art - is to risk failure, and that takes a kind of courage, and an openness to change. I've made a decision, and do not, and any time, intend to go back to square one. I only have the rights to my actions alone, never its fruits. My plight, you will not understand. I seem to reap what I sow. One last thing which I ask of you is for you to work hard for your 'O' Levels.

I was awarded the MOE Pre-U Scholarship and the A*Star Science Award. The other day, my Chinese teacher said something which inspired me a lot. Her words, I felt, were poignant. Following that I was appointed the role of the Cross-Country Captain, and that means I'm be leading the team to spear-head the competitions.

I've read quite a bit of comments on my tag board. I apologise if those comments seemed ignored.

Sometime ago, I heard a story. Once there was a centipede who used to dance extremely well with all her hundred legs. Different animals used to assemble and watch her dance with admiration, and all sang her praises except one tortoise who was jealous of the centipede, as he could not dance at all. One day he went and slyly told the centipede that he was a great admirer of hers, but he wanted to ask her one question. He had been watching her closely, he said, and he wanted to know, did she lift her leg number 51 before lifting leg number 79? The centipede started thinking about what she actually did when she danced. The result was that she never danced again.

One thing which I've learnt recently is the spirit in which I do my work. What's important is how I shoot the arrow. It really does not matter whether I hit the target or not. Of course this doesn't mean I shouldn't expect results. In fact, it is good to have a clear mental picture of my ultimate goal, so I know exactly what I am striving for. If I drop the thoughts about the results from my mind, I will thus be able to pay better attention to the details of my actions.

Anyway, walao.. I'm on u tube.. So embarrassing..

Arh.. rumours has it going in the class that.. Who does Clarice exact want? Junjie or that guy who's always with her.. Can't recall his name oso. Well the class is watching in anticipation. Don't keep us in suspence too long, Clarice! Of course secretly, I support Junjie.. Haha. Stalker XXX seemed much quieter these few weeks. Perhaps she stalk too much already.. until too tired no more energy. Haix.. The legendary Tang sisters, when they talk like alien communication. Nobody understand. Walao.. like some kind of mouse squeeking, but then somehow rather they seem to understand what each other is talking about.. And then also, 369 has come to my attention lately. Better stop herre, in case some one beats me up.. Hmmm.. I heard Mei Ping had been bad mouthing me alot in front of her friends, especially Lily. Who the hell is Lily anyway?

Gotta study and prepare for the terms exam now..

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Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Finally everything has fallen into place after a few weeks of hectic lifestyle. I had to submit the stupid Preliminary Idea, contact the Science Research professor, participate in sports meet, revise for the many many tests and also lots of lots of other things else. Hiax.. Realyl can't stand it man, juz as i thought i could slack after the Nationals, there's still so many stuffs waiting for me to complete. Even up till now I still owe teachers a couple of work.

Well, last Friday I attended the A*STAR interview. Erm.. There's nothing wrong with my answer, but then I didn't elaborate enough, so my answer can simply be labelled as cliche. Haix.. After so much preparation n so on, i could only asnwer so pathetically.But nvm, i learn and the following wednesday, I'm gonna perform even better at the MOE Pre-U Scholarship.

Then on Saturday had a long discussion with group members on the Group Project Proposal. Basically, the group was really really very cooperative and was very vvv patient. Even though the whole meeting took more than 4 hrs, the grp managed to stay focused and did really lots of stuffs. No slacking.. No nothing.. Only group discussion.. Btw i thought I gotta do more reading up and much more preparation before calling up a meeting. I feel tat the meeting was too long and the main reason was because i did not issue clear instruction on how to go abt doing everything. Anyway, i had a bad sore throat after speaking coninuously for more than 4 hrs.

Soon it was Wednesday and right there at the interview center, I was asked many many many many questions by the panel of judges. One of them is JJC principal, another one is a principal from another school, another is a MOE officer. Haha, i handled their questions rather confidently and then i think i would be able to secure the scholarship. The A*STAR interview basically taught me lots of stuffs and then i picked up quickly and then no problem abt everythign on that interview.

Sports meet.. Haix.. I'm so so so sick already lor.. Feel like vomitting, had a v bad sore throat and cough and still muz run somemore. Wad the.. But then no choice leh.. All my classmates are there supporting me and the teacher too. Won't it be bad if i didn't run? Ya eventually i ran and got a rather fast timimg.

Now i'm having fever, flu, cough and sore throat. Wad a combination! No choice.. Still muz go to school..

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

None of my Business

Well it's been quite some time since Mandy has been trying her best to really insult me and then trying to make me feel really bad about myself. Haix.. Don't she know that I don't even care about her opinions about me? Unless that opinion is from someone important to me lar, then i care. If not, it appears to make her seem like someone who likes to comment about everything under the sun, except herself. -.-"

Oh yar, Clarise proudly announced to the class that she's gonna donate her uterus, coz she dosn't need it anymore. Huh?? Yep, she's really proud of tat! Anyway I saw the advertisement on organ donation. The ad was highly misleading. It shows donating an organ (aka Klavichord) and initially i thought it's really donating an organ. But on second thought, does organ donation require a form? Wad is going on? Then I realised that.. %^&$* .. Yep that's wad they actually meant..

School's coming up with quite some events. The choir concert and guitar and so on. Which one should I go? None i supposed..

Anyway, rumour has been going on that there are some particular girls in this school who are real flirts. I wonder if tat's true..

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Wednesday, April 12, 2006


One week passed since I've last wasted quite some time on this blog. A quick glance on what had happened this week - Training for interview for MOE Scholarship, Fiona's birthday, National Cross Country. Without further rubbish, let's get down to real monkey business!

Well the interview training really made me look like a big fool. I couldn't even answer simple questions the "correct" way. Seems like I better have more practise and so on. Anyway, really just hope to get this scholarship.

Then comes Fiona's birthday. Despite of the very rush schedule, I still managed to squeeze out some time to meet her at the Esplanade. Everything went according to plan, or rather not really. The present was prepared actually quite some time ago and I had to be extra thrifty these few weeks. Maybe.. I could have put on the necklace for her? Erm.. On second thoughts, better not coz I had to respect her oso. Two students in school uniform sitting by the bay.. :)

National X Ctry. Didn't make it into the team. I was only involved with taking down the results. It really moved me a lot to see so many people put in so much effort just to run that race. People collapsing, crying, limping.. But when my Bro crossed the line, feelings took a sharp turn for disappointment sets into me. He chose his path, went through so much, but yet had such conclusion. I saw him cry, and tears began to form in my eyes. There seems to be something telling me that perhaps this the way it has to be, the decline of fitness. However, the emotional moment of the day came when the 'A' Boys won Team First. After so much conflict, effort and everything, what my Bro called it as Blood and Tears, the team emerged as champions. The school supporters gathered to sing the school anthem. Even some of the uncles who were perhaps old ACS boys sang. My bro cried again as he lifted up the championship shield. Truly worth admiration, truly worth the applaud of many. Truly, this was the day many people was waiting for. A bit exaggerated I supposed coz when RJ won, they didn't really enter such drama. Erm.. Perhaps tiz the ACS tradition - crying for everything. -.-" The post-race celebration went on quite until very late. Feeling worn out, people dragged their feet home and ended the odyssey of the team. Is it my turn next year? I'm not sure as I have other plans in mind..

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Friday, April 07, 2006


Another day of rushing homework. It seems to me that I'm always trying to hit the deadline or sth like that. I'm quite tired of doing that and would therefore would planning my time well, and that would means less TV time and SMSing time. Haix.. Yar lor, on the bus oso muz make good use of the time to do homework, or else what ya expect? Dun study and expect to get good grades for the exam?

Anyway, got to hear a little bit about classmates. Juitlian went to Italy yesterday, Sophia's currently studying in UK, Jiamei's mother juz passed away recently, and NJC funfair coming soon. Tiz's quite pathetic coz I nv really stay with contact with my former classmates. Who to stay in contact with? People like Jiamei? Huh!

For me, staying optimistic has cut down alot of my complains. Respecting everyone at anytime, anywhere, has caused me to run dry of criticisms. Piles of workload hav made me work like a robot. Luckily there's still a personal diary to capture snipets of my happenings in school so that I can actually relax myself and reflect on myself.

And yeah, I was granted the interview for the MOE Pre-U Scholarship. Quite good, considering out of sooo many in my school applied, only 5 was selected for the interview. This goes to show the level of competition out there, so how to I show that I'm the rightful candidate for the scholarship? Not sure, next tuesday going for a specially arranged lesson to learn how to deal with such interviews.

How about something else? Like the people around me? Currently quite fun in school, although i dun talk alot nowadays coz I needa get my stuffs done first before i can actually sit down and waste time like i've always did.

So should i go for anymore interview by NUS prof? Haix.. Tat prof chang pressing me to giv him a reply. I think i'll juz tell him that my com break down, then sch library can't use yet, then all those crappy excuses, then aiyo nxt monday muz giv reply already. I supposed tmr muz tell him already. Tat Tong yen wah oso nv say anything much, juz ask me to go home and think about it. Quick lar! Reply leh! Or else I'm gonna smack ur face!

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